Are you a stickler for details?
Is it okay if we use eclectic punctuation and smiley faces in our compositions?

How often do I have to log on to this class?
Does “online” mean that we have to do everything “online”?

Don’t you understand the concept of Democracy?
How is it possible, then, that out of eighty-five people you are the only one with the right answer?

Was Pablo Neruda a great lover or a great poet?
Are you a great teacher or a great talker?

What is the real pronunciation of Nuclear? 
What is Real?

Is this being recorded?
Are you planning on encrypting me when you’re done?

Why is sharing treated as plagiarism? 
Do I have to tell the truth on the Self Evaluation?

Do you really think file-sharing should be illegal?
Why didn’t you install your security updates?

Don’t you understand the concept of Dictatorship? 
Do you know that we only laugh at your jokes because you are the teacher?

How will this class help me network?
How can I get into the Network?

How could you think that hitting “DELETE” wouldn’t have consequences?

How do I get more love when I spend all of theirs?

Will I ever use this in the real world?

Is this the real world?