Learning Design Challenge #20: Instructor Feedback on an Individual Assignment

Learning Design Challenge #20: Instructor Feedback on an Individual Assignment


Back in Learning Design Challenge #9, we looked at designing for feedback related to a group activity. Today, we’re going to address something much more basic — giving instructor or facilitator feedback related to an individual assignment.

This seems easy enough, right? No challenge at all?

Well, from my personal experience, it seems easier to talk about this kind of feedback in general terms than it is to actually execute it well in a course.

I mean, we all agree that giving feedback on assignments is the right thing to do. The challenge, however, lies in generating feedback that actually pulls the learner forward in the thinking process.

How do/can we provide feedback that leads to authentic learning? What’s the best way to design this kind of feedback into our assignments.

Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is your desired experience for this activity?
  2. What is the ultimate goal for your feedback?
  3. Is good feedback on individual assignments something that is independent of the assignment itself or it it part of the assignment?
  4. What are some possible constraints for this design?

Design Constraints

Time to Design: <15 min.
Context: Flexible
Number of Building Blocks Allowed: 5
Hashtag: #DailyLEM20
Design Challenge Guidelines

Suggested Solutions

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