Learning Design Challenge #16: Planning A Gamification Project

Learning Design Challenge #16: Planning A Gamification Project


Gamification projects are often an interesting mix of pedagogy, instructional design, game design, and development methodology. Our traditional design experience is expanded to address development methodologies as well. This layering of perspectives and interests can either enrich the environment or make it unnecessarily complex.

We also tend to end up either with great games and poor learning, or poor games and poor learning. It’s a bit like the old adage about teaching pigs to sing. It makes us wonder if, in spite of the apparent brilliance of it, we should really be doing it at all.

So, for today’s challenge, we want to design the ideal team process for planning a gamification project. This could be an actual software product, a series of activities designed to gamify an existing course, etc.

You should think of the planning phase as the first step in the development of the project, the one where we ensure that our learning goals are clear, game ideas are sound, and we have a sound and agreed-on development process for moving forward.

Here are some questions you might want to think about:

  1. What is your desired experience for your team in this activity?
  2. What kind of skill diversity does your team represent and how can/should you address that in your planning process?
  3. How are you prioritizing pedagogy, instructional design, game design, and game development?
  4. What are some possible constraints for this learning environment design?

Design Constraints

Time to Design: <30 min.
Context: Online
Number of Building Blocks Allowed: 7
Hashtag: #DailyLEM16
Design Challenge Guidelines

Suggested Solutions

Learning Design Challenge #16: Planning a Gamification Project (Solution)

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