Learning Design Challenge #13: A Reading Assignment

Learning Design Challenge #13: A Reading Assignment


Here is another, more traditional Learning Environment Modeling (LEM) task: design a good reading assignment.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of these assigning, everything from “Read pages X through Y in your textbooks,” to “Can you take a look at that article and provide a briefing for the team at the meeting this afternoon,”  to “Hey, I really liked this post and I thought you might find it interesting.” Reading assignments are one of those perpetual, lifelong learning activities that seem to be part of every class, job, and organization.

But what’s your idea of a good reading assignment? That’s the question for today’s LEM challenge.


Here are some questions you might want to think about:

  1. What is your desired experience for this activity?
  2. What kind of explanation or context is ideal for this kind of assignment?
  3. How important is evidence in your model?
  4. What are some possible constraints for this design?

Design Constraints

Time to Design: <10 min.
Context: Varied
Number of Building Blocks Allowed: 3
Hashtag: #DailyLEM13
Design Challenge Guidelines

Suggested Solutions


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