Design Challenge 3: Design Thinking Research Activity

Design Challenge 3: Design Thinking Research Activity


Empathetic or design-thinking research is a form of descriptive research that helps designers understand the deeper thinking and motivations behind user interactions with companies and products.

For this design challenge, we want to create a design-thinking research sequence or lesson as part of an online, asynchronous course. This sequence/lesson should promote creativity and innovation, as well as a deeper understanding of the information, process, or skill being presented.

Ideally, we want to use this kind of lesson to create a greater sense of information relevance and student agency. It’s absolutely fine (and really helpful) to create a diagnostic design (i.e. create a visual design map) of an existing lesson/sequence you or someone else have already created.

Here are other some to consider.

  • What is your desired experience in this lesson/sequence?
  • Which part of the design-thinking process are you going to focus on?
  • Does this method lend itself more readily to specific disciplines or skills?
  • What types of activities make the most sense?
  • What are possible constraints related to applying design-thinking in an online, asynchronous environment?

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Design Constraints

Time to Design: <30 min.
Context: Online, asynchronous
Number of Building Blocks Allowed: Unlimited
Hashtag: #DailyLEM03
Design Challenge Guidelines

Useful Links

Some Suggested Solutions

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