Learning Design Challenge #17: An Original (Creative) Writing Assignment

Learning Design Challenge #17: An Original (Creative) Writing Assignment


It seems easy. Get learners to create their own work to show mastery. Even better, have them make or build something that’s original or particularly creative. This will be something that provides a personal illustration for the skill or key concept being presented.

It can work in any discipline, so what could be better?

But how do/can/should you design the ideal learning environment for such a assignment? Instead of a creative writing assignment, it’s more about writing originally or with creativity. And the focus needs to remain on mastery of a skill or concept.

Our challenge today is to design an ideal original writing assignment for a specific course, discipline, skill, or concept. For some of examples of such assignments in an actual course, check out the DS106 assignment bank.

Here are some questions you might want to consider for your design.

  1. What is your desired experience for this activity?
  2. How will you prioritize creativity and learner agency/control?
  3. How will you ensure that the focus for the assignment remains on the skill or concept being learned?
  4. What are some possible constraints for this learning environment design?

Design Constraints

Time to Design: <30 min.
Context: Online
Number of Building Blocks Allowed: 7
Hashtag: #DailyLEM17
Design Challenge Guidelines

Suggested Solutions

Learning Design Challenge #17: An Original (Creative) Writing Assignment (Solution)

flickr photo shared by Ian Livesey under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license

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