Learning Design Challenge #7: Giving Instructions to Your Kid (Solution)

Learning Design Challenge #7: Giving Instructions to Your Kid  (Solution)

Not surprisingly, this challenge is actually based on an experience I had with my youngest child over the weekend. He had just purchased a small grill, some charcoal, and chicken breasts, and was wondering how he should go about using the grill and charcoal to cook the chicken.

My #DailyLEM07 design below is a diagnostic o the experience, as well as a decent model for how these things have gone from age 0-26 year old.


It always begins with a request for help (this time, a hands-free phone call while he was driving). This request inevitably makes me somewhat nostalgic as I try to remember how it was that I ever learned what he is trying to learn. Even while I’m having the flashback, I usually start right into a set of instructions and tell him to check back with me after he gives it a try. If I’m there in person, of course, I would likely opt to do it “with” him the first time.

After he takes it for a spin, it’s time to make any adjustments and then let him fly off on his own, now ready to share his first experience and instructions with someone else.

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