Learning Design Challenge #18: Collaborating on a Conference Proposal

Learning Design Challenge #18: Collaborating on a Conference Proposal

I have being doing a good bit of this (collaborative conference proposals) lately and, fortunately, it has all been with my good colleague Dr. Bucky Dodd from ILED.

Bucky is extremely organized and conscientious, and he also approaches this type of collaborative effort with the best possible combination of character traits — a clear vision and very little ego. Not for nothing, this makes me up my game considerably.

Our process is fairly straightforward and it seems to bring out the best representation of our respective talents.

We begin with one of us identifying a possible conference and sharing the information with the other. Each of us then looks independently and more closely at the conference focus and requirements, and then we exchange e-mails to confirm that this is indeed something that interests us.

The next step is the creation of the initial draft proposal. Bucky inevitably creates this in Google Docs, along with a list of conference criteria appended to the top of the proposal to aid our respective reviews. He shares the draft with me and then I make notes and edits to form my own suggested version.

From there, Bucky reviews and creates a final draft proposal for my review. At this point, I might make one or two suggestions, or simply accept it as done. Either way, he then converts the  proposal into a final version and submits in the appropriate format for the conference.

The entire process usually occurs over an evening or an evening and early morning. Admittedly, part of this efficiency derives from our rather singular focus on LEM and LEML.

Here is a diagnostic model of our process.

Collaborative Conference Proposal

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