Learning Design Challenge #16: Planning a Gamification Project (Solution)

Learning Design Challenge #16: Planning a Gamification Project (Solution)

When I started working on this, I realized that I would have to break it down to a single, smaller workflow that I could replicate as part of the overall planning segment. That way I would end up with something that could even support a fairly elaborate project that needs to go through formal design, development, and testing phases. With a large project like that, I might end up with formal business and functional requirements documents, as well as a project plan.

The good news is that the learning/process design I arrived at  works well both for small and big projects.

It begins with having the team post ideas, examples, and models they like to a shared Google Doc. We then discuss these as a team and use that process to arrive at an outline an eventual draft of the document or design (Evidence) we need to create for this process. Once we have posted an initial draft, team members review and provide feedback. We then take that feedback and incorporate it into a final document.

This is a process I have used with teams in both face-to-face and online contexts. I designed this particular environment and the associated actions to work primarily online.

Gamification Planning Process

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