Learning Design Challenge #11: You Ideal Meeting Agenda (Solution)

Learning Design Challenge #11: You Ideal Meeting Agenda (Solution)

Make no mistake about it — I know a thing or two about meetings. Even though my current startup culture eschews formal, internal meetings as much as possible (quick stand-ups and at-your-desk chats are the preferred face-to-face models), there are still plenty of client and partner meetings. And, there were also those stints at major publishers and other large companies where formal meetings were SOP for getting anything done. Yes indeed, I’ve earned a badge in meetings.

With that¬†background, ¬†I approached this challenge as a collaborative exercise. My ideal agenda isn’t a document, but rather a shared process. It’s a team-created discussion/reflection on what’s happening and what we need to brainstorm. In general, I followed the Learning Environment Design Experience (LEDx) model we use at ILED. Here is a diagram that visualizes this model.

Learning Environment Design Experience - Consulting Process - ILED Consulting Model_2_11_16

For my meeting agenda design, I want to capture a collaborative, online experience through which the team discusses, reflects on, and creates the agenda. I want it to be a communal document that everyone owns. That, in turn, leads to a meeting experience that is also owned by each participant equally.

Meeting Agenda - Meeting Agenda

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