Design Challenge #1: Office Hours (Solution)

Design Challenge #1: Office Hours (Solution)

This LEM design challenge asked me to design an “ideal meeting space for an instructor and student?”

Hmmmm… so many places to choose from. But is it really the place or the space that defines this experience?

Let me show you what I came up with that then explain my thinking (created in 7 minutes using 4 Building Blocks).

Office Hours - Office Hours (1)

My approach was to focus on the experience I would like for a student or learner to have is s’he met me somewhere to discuss something related to a course I was teaching. This experience, I decided, should be framed by : 1) openness; 2) dialogue; 3) collaborative exploration; 4) positive feedback.

I want to design a space in which students feel welcome, a genuine openness to engage and share ideas. In addition, I want them to feel a sense of equality and collaboration. A s much as possible, I want to eliminate the feeling of hierarchy and “knower vs. learner.” I also think this environment should make it easy to share different types of information, and it should promote collaborative, inquiry-driven  practice or problem-solving.

In this first draft, I chose to depict this in terms of a traditional office, with a table, chairs, and writing/information surface (white board or projections screen). I was particularly conscious of making sure the table was round in order to avid barriers to communication and the feeling of “sides.”

When I pull out the concrete objects, I end up with this for a LEM.

Office Hours - Office Hours


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