It’s always difficult to say how anything really begins. If memory serves, I was reading a conversation thread in our Learning Environment Design course, and I suddenly thought to myself, “Hey! That’s an interesting challenge. I’d like to create a learning environment design solution for that.”

As I thought about some of the other conversations I was reading, I decided, “Why not go all CogDog on this (http://udg.theagoraonline.net/daily/) and do a regular learning design challenge.”

How hard could it be, right?

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And that’s what this blog is about — accepting a regular (daily, when I can) learning environment design challenge and creating a solution for it.

So, I’m telling everyone now, if you have a wicky sticket or some other kind of learning challenge you’ve been looking for a way to address, just send it my way (rob dot reynolds at gmail dot com or via comments). Please! Otherwise I’ll have to come up with the challenges as well as the design models.

Okay. I’m ready for my close-up now.


My name is Rob Reynolds and I am a learner, writer, runner, and educational technologist — in no particular order. This is my personal blog and anything included here is in no way a reflection on past, present, or future employers. All ideas and opinions herein are my sole responsibility.

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